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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

PAEC Assistant Manager Admin Past Paper 2021 | Atomic Energy Assistant Admin Solved Paper

 Assistant Manager Admin Past Paper 2021

Settled Mcqs of right hand chief administrator. Numerous Department of nuclear energy have declared the Jobs of various posts like Junior Assistant administrator , Assistant Manager Admin, Scientific Assistant II Admin and so on So here we share Past paper Mcqs for test arrangement. on the off chance that you find nuclear energy commission past paper and article Question for study readiness, so this site is best for you, In this site day by day transfer new past paper and study material for composed test planning, Here you find diverse past paper and most recent positions like associate director administrator past paper, logical partner past paper, Business regulatory past paper, that help for your composed test, I like those individuals who interest in my post. Today I share Assistant Manager Admin past paper. you can set up this past paper for composed test.


Solved MCQs Of Assistant Manager Admin

1. What is the biggest Mosque of Pakistan? 

a) Shah Faisal Mosque 

b) Bad shahi mosque 

c) Masjid Quba 

d) none of these 

2. The biggest Railway station in Pakistan is? 

a) Lahore rail route station 

b) Karachi rail route station 

c) Noshehra rail route station 

d) Peshawar rail route station 

3. UAE comprise of the number of emirates: 

a) 7 emirates 

b) 8 emirates 

c) 6 emirates 

d) 4 emirates 

4. For most extreme even reach, the point of projection should be: 

a) 0° 

b) 45° 

c) 60° 

d) 90° 

5. In the event that 45 balls cost Rs 7, what do 15 balls cost? 

a) 20 

b) 21 

c) 12 

d) 45 

6. A number which is separable by both 6 and 8 is additionally distinguishable by: 

a) 24 

b) 7 

c) 11 

d) 14 

e) 9 

7. On the off chance that 27x =94 ,, x= 

a) 5 

b) 8/3 

c) 4/3 

d) 12 

8. The quantity of particles present in an atom decides its: 

a) atomicity 

b) acridity 

c) Molecularity 

d) NONE 

9. The PH scope of the corrosive downpour is: 

a) 7-6.5 

b) Less than 5 

c) 6.5-6 

d) 4 

10. The time taken by light to go from moon to earth is: 

a) 80sec 

b) 500sec 

c) 1.802x104 sec 

d) 1.5 sec 

11. The most limited timeframe is a 

a) millisecond 

b) picosecond 

c) microsecond 

d) None 

12. Nation having longest coastline 

a) Germany 

b) Pakistan 

c) Canada 

d) United state 

13. What is the length of tennis court? 

a) 23 meter 

b) 20 meter 

c) 23.77 meter 

d) 37 meter 

14. The UNO was established in: 

a) 1948 

b) 1945 

c) 1946 

d) 1950 

15. Track down the missing letters 

3,7,7,… … . 13,17 

a) 07 

b) 08 

c) 11 

d) 18 

16. The work is supposed to be negative when the point between the power and relocation is 

a) 45° 

b) 60° 

c) 130° 

d) 120° 

17. Google is a 

a) Search motor 

b) Software 

c) Search box 

d) All of these 

18. Sound goes in water than in air: 

a) Much more slow 

b) Much quicker 

c) same 

d) no distinction 

19. Human is a social creature said by : 

a) Hitler 

b) Cadwick 

c) Aristotle 

d) None 

20. The extent of flat parts of a power 10N is 6N. The extent of its vertical segments is 

a) 1 N 

b) 9 N 

c) 8 N 

d) 16 N 

21. CTRL + F order in Ms Office for: 

a) Print 

b) Search 

c) Copy 

d) Erase 

22. The main thermal energy station in Pakistan was set up in : 

a) Karachi 

b) Mianwali 

c) Rawalphindi 

d) Peshawar 

23. Side sorter can be gotten to from which menu? 

a) Insert 

b) View 

c) File 

d) Edit 

24. Which alternate way key is utilized to spell check in Ms-Word? 

a) F11 

b) F12 

c) F7 

d) CTRL+S 

25. Which surah of Quran has no Bismillah? 

a) Al-Namal 

b) Al-Noor 

c) Al-Toba 

d) Al-Ahzaab







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