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Monday, February 22, 2021

Atomic Energy Physics Past Paper 2021 ( Assistant Manager & Scientific Assistant II )

Atomic Energy Physics Past Paper 2021

Physical science Past Paper for Assistant Manager and Scientific Assistant II 2021. Here you find distinctive past paper for nuclear energy commission composed test . material science objective from essential to propel, which will assist you with getting better grades in composed test. These Mcqs is useful for Students and Jobs Seekers I-e Atomic Energy Commission Test, NESCOM Hr1384, CareerJobs1737, PAEC Sui Gas Chashma Jobs , Railway Jobs, Etea Test , WAPDA test, KINPOE PDTP , GTS, JTS and so forth







1. Work done along a nearby way in a gravitational field is: 

a) Maximum 

b) Minimum 

c) Zero 

d) solidarity 

2. Which amount has diverse measurement 

a) Work 

b) Pressure 

c) Energy 

d) Torque 

3. Balmer arrangement was distinguished in: 

a) 1685 

b) 1785 

c) 1585 

d) 1985 

4. All movements are : 

a) Relative to an individual 

b) Relative to the instrument noticing it 

c) Absolute 

d) Both (A) and (B) 

5.  1.007276u the figure shows the mass of an: 

a) Atom 

b) Positron 

c) Proton 

d) Neutron 

6. The isotopes of hydrogen is : 

a) Protium 

b) Deuterium 

c) Tritium 

d) Both ( A) and (B) 

e) All of these 

7. Nuclear number of germanium molecule and number of valance electrons in it are respectivel: 

a) 32,4 

b) 4,32 

c) 14,4 

d) 22,3 

e) 4,14 

8. In Pakistan the recurrence of AC is 50 Hz. The occasions the voltage turn around in course will be: 

a) 50 

b) 100 

c) 25 

d) 125 

9. A greatest power of 10 N causes an augmentation of 0.5 m in a wire. The energy put away in a wire is: 

a) 2.5J 

b) 5J 

c) 5.2J 

d) NONE 

10. Attractive energy misfortune will be more if the territory of the hysteresis circle is 

a) Zero 

b) More 

c) Less 

d) Moderate 

11. Bohr's nuclear model applies to 

a) Singly and twofold helium ionized iotas 

b) Complex iotas 

c) Solids 

d) Liquids 

12. Solid atomic power is free of 

a) Nucleon partition 

b) Charge on nucleon 

c) Both an and b 

d) None 

13. A radioactive component has a half-existence of 6 minutes. In the event that the underlying check rate is 824 every moment. The time taken by it to arrive at a tally pace of 206 every moment is 

a) 20 minutes 

b) 15 minutes 

c) 12 minutes 

d) 22 minutes 

14. The same energy got from mass fixed is equivalent to 

a) 950 Mev 

b) 920 Mev 

c) 938 Mev 

d) 937 Mev 

15. The amount factor for AC circuit containing inductor of reactance 20ohm and resistor 10 ohm is 

a) 0.5 

b) 2 

c) 4 

d) 200 

16. The speed up sound when temperature is raised by 1C° is 

a) 6 m/s 

b) 6 cm/s 

c) 0.61 m/s 

d) 0.61 cm/s 

17. The work is supposed to be negative when the point between the power and removal is 

a) 30° 

b) 60° 

c) 90° 

d) 120° 

18. The shear modulus is material to 

a) Solids in particular 

b) Gases as it were 

c) Liquids as it were 

d) All of these 

19. The negative slope of electric potential is additionally called 

a) Potential energy 

b) Electric field power 

c) Electric expected distinction 

d) Electron volt 

20. The force moving from ac source to a heap is ordinarily 

a) Zero 

b) Maximum 

c) Positive 

d) Negative 

21. The greatness of even segments of a power 10N is 6N. The extent of its vertical segments is 

a) 10 N 

b) 4 N 

c) 8 N 

d) 12 N 

22. Which one of coming up next isn't the unit of time 

a) A day 

b) A light year 

c) A month 

d) 60 minutes 

23. A body pivots with a steady rakish energy of 30 J s for 20 seconds. The force following up on the body is 

a) 1.5 N m 

b) 35 N m 

c) 05 N m 

d) 105 N m 

24. The piece of earth shaking with earth quack is 

a) Crust 

b) Mantle 

c) Lithosphere 

d) Hemisphere 

25. Cores of various components are recognized by their 

a) Atomic numbers 

b) Mass numbers 

c) Both nuclear and mass number 

d) none







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